The UK’s largest drive repair facility

All equipment requires maintenance or repair at some point. Whether dealing with an unexpected breakdown or replacing worn parts at a scheduled maintenance interval, Quantum provides all levels of repair for all makes of VSD equipment.

Recent investment in our brand new test facility is set to provide many additional benefits, allowing us to further expand our drive repair operation throughout 2018.

The Benefits

The main advantage of our new test facility at Quantum’s Head Office in Prudhoe, Northumberland is that we are now able to test VSD’s under loads of up to 400A. This can be achieved by driving two 110kW motors coupled together, the first is a driven motor and the second acts as a generator.

This now means that high currents can be passed through the drive instead of the drives being ran without a motor or ran with an unloaded motor.

Fitting a regen drive to this means that we can power the full load test facility by drawing only the losses from the grid, resulting in a very green, energy efficient testing process.

Splitting the test facility into two sections with a retractable partition now allows us to test double the amount of VSD’s and Control Panel’s at the same time, helping us to adhere to our drive repair SLA’s.

We also have the added benefit of a 415v to 690v transformer in order to test our bigger 690v Control Panel’s, as well as a TV fitted to the back of the test bay allowing our engineers to connect laptops in order to visually display and analyse results and graphs from the equipment tested.

Drive Repair

As the UK’s leading VSD repair company, Quantum provide a fast, reliable drive repair service:

  • Repair available for all makes of variable speed drives
  • 12-month warranty included for all repaired drives
  • Speedy turn-around – within 24-hours if needed
  • Not just repaired – fully restored
  • Load tested – certificates issued
  • Fully qualified drives engineers carrying out repairs
  • Installation and commissioning service available

To find out more about Quantum’s drive repair services, or to send your drive to us for an assessment, visit