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What is Quantum Controls Lease and Save scheme?

Almost all industries can benefit from the installation of Variable Speed Drives and energy efficient motors to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce their ever increasing energy costs. However, this involves an upfront purchase of the equipment which in many cases has not been budgeted for by the client.

To help organisations solve this problem Quantum have launched their lease and save scheme. This allows you install energy saving systems at no upfront hardware cost and structure your payments so they are always significantly less than energy savings. This scheme delivers CO2 reductions and real cost reduction from day one.

To find out how Quantum can help you with their lease and save scheme just click on the link now

• No initial large capital outlay to purchase new equipment

Lease cost paid for out of energy savings achieved therefore lease is cost neutral

Reduced energy costs and CO2 emissions for your Carbon Footprint

• Frees up capital for other energy save products

Reduced payments on schemes such as the CRC

• Fixed lease prices for up to 3 years

Installation and commissioning of equipment by Quantum Controls

• No maintenance or up keep costs

Asset managed by Quantum with regular servicing on site by our fully qualified service engineers

• 24/7 service call out on all equipment in unlikely ebent of equipment failure

All spares are carried by Quantum Controls and covered all year round

• New equipment can be installed every 3 years

• Easy, simple contracts Designed to suit your individual requirements

To find out how Quantum can help you with our lease and save scheme just click on the link now

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