Who do you turn to when you urgently need a new motor?

Amazon’s “1-click” ordering is a game changer. It revolutionised the eCommerce industry and Amazon knew that it would.

Did you know they patented the “1-click” ordering back in 1999? Unfortunately, that patent expired in 2017, which marked the end of a dominating era for Amazon, but now that other online stores have adopted this method, we all expect this hassle-free shopping wherever we go.

So how do you bring Amazon’s method to the variable speed drive and motor industry? How do you, as a busy engineer, order a new VSD or motor hassle free?

Quantum’s unique solution ensures that you can have a market leading, high efficiency ABB & WEG motor in transit within 30 minutes of your order, any time day or night, 365 days a year.

We have partnered with OSE Logistics Company to provide you with 24/7 instant access to ABB & WEG Motors. You get access to UK’s largest stock of 2 and 4 pole motors, foot and flange mounted up to 250kW.

• No Order Numbers needed
• 24/7 Direct telephone access to our expert motor engineers to discuss application and motor selection.
• Order placed directly with logistics company, no need to wait until our offices are open
• Motor guaranteed to be in transit within 30 minutes of your order
• Password protected online system

This has already been a success with our customers, with one company needing an urgent 110kW ABB Motor due to theirs overheating and failing, they went online and ordered a motor at 7:30pm and a motor was delivered same night. No order numbers needed, no questions asked, motor was delivered.

What would that company have done if our service weren’t available? Ordering a motor or VSD during the day through normal suppliers is a mammoth task, never mind ordering out of office hours. Our service is completely hassle free, just like Amazon’s “1-click” ordering.

This service is completely free to access, all you need is a password! Email us at [email protected] to get your log in details! 

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