Energy Guide

Get the facts, not the fiction on energy saving

Detailing in easy to understand terms;

  • Dispel the myths you’ve been told about how to save energy
  • Find out how to save energy on an industrial scale
  • Take your advice from Qualified Engineers, not salespeople
  • and much more!

This guide can be used by anyone involved in trying to save money on energy costs, so whether you’re a purchaser, engineer, business owner or working in sustainability this guide is for you, and best of all, it’s FREE!

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About Quantum Controls

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We’ve given you FREE access to our resource section of this website. Here you will find white papers, technical videos,  drive manuals and brochures for previous and current ranges of drives, and much more – all relevant industry information about Variable Speed Drive, Motors, Control Panels etc.

What our Customers Say

Great service from Billy, Brandon and Liam. They worked quickly and efficiently into the early hours to get our 800KW hire drive up and running. They also removed our damaged drives and took them away for repair. Got our plant producing saving us massive costs due to lost production. The engineers worked safely and calmly during a highly pressured period.

Great work done by your guys!

Lee Armitage, March 2020

I spoke with Amy Finn who dealt with the break down support. She was superb. Understood my requirements and kept me updated throughout the process. The engineer resolved the problem promptly, also spares were made available if the problem was bigger than expected to mitigate any risk of having to wait for parts.

Malcolm Brown, May 2020

Just wanted to say a big thank you for your efforts on Saturday evening when I contacted the out of hours team to get us out of the mire. We had an event which lead to the failure and subsequent loss of 2 inverters; this stopped us from brewing our products. Within 20 minutes I was being told that a solution was being worked up to get us up and running again. A truly outstanding service! Once again, we thank you for a full and proper service. Quantum Controls were the only 24hr service to respond to our call. Cheers!

Andrew Dyche, June 2020