What is the recommended maintenance schedule for Variable Speed Drives to reduce downtime?

Variable speed drives (VSDs) are now more efficient, productive, and easy to use than ever before, but efficiency levels can start to wane unless your drive is well looked after.

Whilst most maintenance tasks are best left to one of our qualified engineers, as an end-user there are preventive maintenance duties you can easily perform to keep your drives working effectively and prolong their life.

Here are our top 5 Variable Speed Drive Tips to Avoid Downtime:

1. Check the heat sink is clean
2. Check the cooling fans (main and auxiliary) of the drive are clean and rotate freely
3. Replace cabinet’s filters regularly and check cooling fans are clean and operate freely and ensure drive’s compartment/cabinet is ventilated sufficiently
4. Ensure the mains and motor cables are tightened (no loose connection) and inspect for any sign of damage or overheating
5. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance plan, which should only be undertaken by fully trained and qualified engineers,

Quantum Controls has 32 Qualified Drive Engineers trained in all major Drive manufacturers operating in UK.

For a quote to get your drives serviced simply send us your drive asset list to [email protected] and we will send a quote for your consideration.



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