Dwr Cymru (Welsh Water) keep a high-quality service throughout a major site upgrade

When Dwr Cymru (Welsh Water) needed to upgrade the full Motor Control Cabinet (MCC) and power supplies controlling the Mescoed pumping station, they called upon Quantum Controls to offer a unique solution to the problem of maintaining the water supplies to the surrounding area.

The problem is a common one for Water companies, as removing the old MCC and fitting / testing and commissioning the new MCC requires days, and in some cases weeks to complete. The means the pumping station cannot be used during this time and in the worst cases could leave local areas with a limited or even no water supply. The only other solution is to use Diesel pumps which require a great deal of mechanical work to install and are not as environmentally friendly as using the mains electricity supply.

In order to keep the Mescoed site running throughout this transition period Quantum Controls hired Welsh Water two 400kW Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) and enough cable to ensure the stand alone cabinets were situated away from the main MCC, so as not to hinder either the removal of the existing MCC, or the fitting of the new MCC. Quantum Controls were also able to install and commission these cabinets prior to the site upgrade taking place, which meant fewer people on site at any one time.

In addition to the water standard build control panels supplied, Quantum were able to provide provisions for a generator supply, and provide a separate supply to an LV distribution board for onsite lighting from each of the panels. The control panels provided also meant that there was no need to change the control methods used on site. This all meant the site could continue to run as normal under any conditions, which importantly meant there would be no adverse effect for Welsh Waters customers.

Russell Lewis, Project Coordinator at Welsh Water said “Quantum Controls and Dwr Cymru were able to work closely together to ensure all the sites requirements would be maintained throughout this complex site upgrade. From our point of view working with Quantum proved a great success; furthermore, all of Quantum staff were very well equipped, knowledgeable, punctual and polite. I would gladly recommend Quantum for any future projects of this kind.”