The Results are in for our 2024 Survey!

We recently sent our survey to 4,500 of our customers in the UK to unveil aspirations and challenges for the upcoming year. The insights gathered shed light on the trending issues in the electrical sector in 2024, see the results for yourself below.

Q1. Are you tasked by your organisation with saving energy in 2024?

  • Yes 65.6%
  • No 34.4%

Q2. Where do you see the most potential energy savings on your site?

  • VSDs 25.4%
  • Motors 20.9%
  • Lighting 26.4%
  • Power Quality 15.5%
  • Other 11.8%

Q3. What if anything has prevented you from reducing energy consumption further in 2023?

  • Time 36.4%
  • Labour 13.6%
  • Finance 33%
  • Knowing where to start 12.5%
  • Other 4.5%

Q4. Have you lost production due to VSD failure during 2023? (contract customers)

  • No 92% (contract customers)
  • No 8% (non-contract customers)

Q5. Is your Engineering Department currently fully staffed?

  • Yes 44%
  • No 56%

Q6. What would be your key training area for your department in 2024?

  • Energy Saving 33%
  • PLCs 21.6%
  • Drives 28.4%
  • Harmonics 5.7%
  • Other 11.3%

Q7. What are the main goals for your department in 2024?

  • Reduce Energy Costs 31.9%
  • Training for the Engineering Team 24.5%
  • Reduce Unplanned Downtime 23.6%
  • Increasing Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) 18.2%
  • Other 1.8%


Evaluating Your Results

Q1. With 65.6% of respondents answering that they were tasked with energy saving in 2024, it’s important to understand that energy saving isn’t just about hitting net zero or carbon goals, which are admirable values to have, it can also save your organisation a huge amount of money. Small changes can see huge differences which quickly add up. At Quantum we’ve supported many of our customers with energy saving efforts which have amassed organisations just like yours, hundreds of thousands of pounds annually.

Q2. Most of our respondents reported that they felt the most potential energy savings could come through lighting and VSDs, these are areas both Quantum and Q Electrical are experts in, allowing us to offer tailored support to our customers through our engineers who are specialists in these fields.

Q3. Our customers expressed that time and finance had been barriers to them managing to save energy in 2023. Using our try before you buy scheme means that you can accurately gauge how much money you will save by using VSDs, without having the initial investment of buying them in the hope it ‘could’ save you money. Because you’ll use our engineers who are specialists in this area your installation will be quick and easy, after a two-week trial period we will give you a report showing to the penny how much money you could save by investing in VSDs, at this point you can decide if you’d like to keep the hire VSDs on a longer term basis or like to think about purchasing VSDs.

Q4. An impressive 92% of our contract customers who took part in the survey reported no production loss due to Variable Speed Drive (VSD) failure in 2023. With only 8% of non-contract survey participant reporting no down time due to drive failure. This seems to prove that annual maintenance and management of valuable variable speed drive assets delivers a 92% increase in up time for your processes. The features of our Total Contract include the following.

  • 24/7 Direct telephone access to our fully qualified engineers
  • Immediate ‘engineer to site’ request
  • Our unique ‘first visit, first fix’ guarantee
  • All variable speed drives installed on your site covered under one contract regardless of make, type and power rating.
  • Access to the UK’s largest stock of variable speed drives, spares and hire units
  • Unlimited calls and site visits
  • Official service partner to all manufacturers
  • Annual maintenance on all installed drives
  • Recommended maintenance and life cycle extension reports
  • Online Drive Asset Management (DAMS) access
  • Quarterly contract reviews
  • Your own dedicated Account Manager
  • Resilience reports
  • Remote monitoring (optional)
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Online access to stock

Reducing downtime and increasing the efficiency of your equipment can be achieved through preventative maintenance.  Proper maintenance of your appliances can also help save energy, money and mean the appliances can run for longer. If preventative maintenance still isn’t something you feel your department will have the time, resources, or skills to complete, you could think about getting contractors in. If this is something you can talk to us about in more detail, please contact [email protected]

Q5.  56% of our respondents acknowledged that their departments were understaffed, pointing to issues in the number of engineers available, this is due to the well-documented engineering shortage. It’s a common complaint across the board, one which we’ve written many an article on, but there are ways around the shortage of engineers, you could think about getting contractors in. Many organisations like ours specialise in certain pieces of equipment and offer service contracts to ease the pressure on your resources. Engaging one of these contracts may feel like an unnecessary cost, however over time the contract will pay for itself through less downtime because of breakdowns, it will ensure your equipment lasts longer and means your engineering resources can be allocated to the area’s you need them the most. The features of our One Call contract include:

  • 24/7 Direct telephone access to our fully qualified engineers
  • Immediate ‘engineer to site’ request
  • Our unique ‘first visit, first fix’ guarantee
  • All variable speed drives installed on site are covered under one contract regardless of make, type and power rating
  • Access to the UK’s largest stock of variable speed drives, spares and hire units
  • Unlimited calls and site visits
  • Official service partner to all manufacturers
  • For the price of £1,995 annually

Q6. Looking ahead, engineering departments identified 3 key training areas for 2024

  • Energy saving topped the list with 33% of respondents feeling the crucial need to up skill their workforce in this area.
  • Second on the list was VSD training.
  • PLC training was third.

This underscores a strong commitment to enhancing skills and staying abreast of technological advancements. Due to the engineering skills gap and the needs of our customers to make sure their staff are increasingly multi-skilled. We’ve made sure we’re able to offer great training packages. Our VSD training can be completed at your site or ours and is designed by engineers for engineers. PLC training is also available from the group’s Automation Team. We often run free training sessions throughout the year which are part of our ‘Added Value Program’ for our customers. In these sessions we get experts from our service providers to speak with you in detail about a particular topic. We then give out certificates at the end of the session to prove you’ve attended the training sessions, in 2023 we provided training courses on harmonics, alongside Schnieder, Energy Saving, Digitalised Condition Monitoring and Health Management System for Electric Motors with WEG.

Q7. Overall the reduction of energy costs looks to be the main priority for our customers in 2024, in addition to our energy saving trials, we also offer a variety of free information about energy saving, keep an eye on the FAQ’s section of our website or request one of our free energy saving guides here.

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