Installation & Commissioning

Best use of available resources

Installation Commissioning Installation and commissioning of motor driven systems and the facilities they operate require engineering expertise and specialist advice. This can be overwhelming when both the resources and capabilities to conduct these services are limited. There are however, services available that reduce your overhead, minimise risk and ensure your facilities are ready for use.

What is it?

Quantum DriveCare provides comprehensive installation and commissioning services at municipal and industrial facilities for types and sizes of Variable Speed Drives. We ensure that installations are correct to manufacturers recommendations and legislative requirements. This eliminate the need for in-house installation and project management services.

How it works

Certified engineers with the required expertise provide complete process engineering services. We provide project management, installation and commissioning services for start-up, training and maintenance. We bring our vast technical experience an engineering expertise with installations around the world to your facility. This not only includes knowledge of our own equipment, but that of other manufactures as well.

Why it makes sense

Our broad installation and commissioning services enable you to simplify administration, get your site operational quickly and reduce costs. Your system is perfectly matched to your requirements and fine-tuned to provide maximum system availability and productivity right from the start.

Why Quantum DriveCare?

When you work with Quantum DriveCare Services, you get secure, optimal operations that only come with broad engineering expertise in UK industry.

  • Eases both installation and start-up processes
  • Reduces risk as well as overhead
  • Simplifies the process with a single purchase order and single point of contact
  • Meets ISO 9000 and 14001 requirements

Case Study

CHALLENGE: Commissioning and start-up of a new sewage lift station.

SOLUTION: Qualified Quantum engineers assisted the contractor with inspection, commissioning and start up of Flygt pumps, accessories and monitoring and control equipment. With water in the wet well our experts calibrated the pump, verified all accessories and configured the control equipment.

PRICE: You pay for services according to an hourly rate or agree to a fixed price. To keep your maintenance costs down, please take a look at Quantum DriveCare maintenance contracts.