ABB Keypad Ease of Use Crib Sheet

Assistant control panel
An assistant control panel that can be navigated as simple as a mobile telephone, has been developed by ABB for its range of standard AC drives and machinery drives.

The result is a control panel that is extremely easy to program, leading to quicker commissioning and set up as well as enabling
rapid fault diagnosis.

Soft keys
The detachable, multi-lingual and alphanumeric control panel features two soft keys, the function of which is shown on the display,
depending on the panel status.Should the user lose their way at any point, an inbuilt “Help” button brings on-screen advice. The ABB standard drive is the fi rst on the market to carry this feature.

Online help assistants
The assistant control panel guides users through the programming process. Parameter setting with the panel is more straightforward, as an assistant menu structure presents the various options in a clear format.

New and enhanced assistants further improve the control panel functionality.

The inbuilt PID controller and real-time clock functions, both have their own assistants.

The new serial communications assistant provides a convenient way to set up drive's fieldbus connectivity. The drive optimizer assistant will be particularly useful for new users, offering an intuitive method to set the optimal parameters without having to study
manuals or reference materials. Users can choose between low noise, combined drive and motor effi ciency, and motor control accuracy.

For timed functions the drive can be programmed to use the real-time clock as a control source. For example, it can start and stop the drive, change reference and control relay outputs at programmed times. This eliminates the need for an external clock device.

Start-up assistant helps with commissioning by guiding the user through all essential settings. This can be done without going directly into the parameter list. The user answers questions given by the drive, which will be setting the corresponding parameter. ABB's research showed that despite all the functionality in previous panels, only two or three parameters were ever touched, thereby implying that users were totally under-utilizing all the product features. The start-up assistant has an automatic parameter backup function. After start-up the assistant offers the option to backup the parameters to the control panel for extra security.

Maintenance assistant is designed for periodic maintenance. The drive monitors running hours, used energy or motor rotation. The users can set their own limits for each of these items such that the drive gives an alarm whenever these limits are reached. Customers can then do preventive maintenance on the motor or application. For instance, should a belt drive need replacing periodically, the program monitors the time between service intervals and alerts the user before any belts would break.

Changed parameter menu
The control panel is able to display ONLY the parameters that have been changed by the drive user. This is an essential feature when trying to diagnose programming errors. It is easy for a non-technical user to determine how the drive has been changed from its default configuration. This information can then be recorded or passed to ABB when technical assistance is required.

Big display
A large graphic display allows different size fonts for different purposes. In addition, the display shows motor rotation indicator and
actual values can be displayed numerically or with a graphical bar display.* The panel has been designed to enable use without cross-referencing to the drive's User's Manual. The control panel speaks English and fourteen other languages in full sentences.

Technology advances
Advances in control technology has paved the way for the assistant control panel from ABB. This includes embedded microprocessor, flash memory and graphical high resolution LCD.