ABB Drives Real Time Clock Set Up Crib Sheet

Real-time clock and timed functions

The real-time clock has the following features

  • four daily times
  • four weekly times
  • timed boost function, e.g. a set constant speed which is on for a certain pre-programmed time. Activated with a digital input.
  • timer enable with digital inputs
  • timed constant speed selection
  • timed relay activation.

For more information, see Group 36: TIMED FUNCTIONS in the ACH550-01 user manual

Note: To be able to use the timed functions, the internal clock has to be set first. For information on the Time and date mode, see chapter Start-up and control panel.

Note: The timed functions work only when the control panel (operator keypad) is connected to the drive.

Note: Removing the control panel for upload/download purposes does not affect the clock.

Note: Daylight saving changeover is automatic if activated.

Using the timer

You can use the Timed Functions Assistant for easy configuring.For more information on the assistants, see page 72. The timer is configured in four stages. They are:

  1. Enabling the timer. Configure how the timer is activated. See page 124.
  2. Setting the time period. Define the time and day when the timer operates. See page 125.
  3. Creating the timer. Assign the selected time period to certain timer(s). See page 126.
  4. Connecting the parameters. Connect selected parameters to the timer. See page 127.

Parameters connected to a timer

The following parameters can be connected to a timer:

  • 1001 EXT1 COMMANDS – External start and stop command. Starts the drive when the timer is activated and stops drive when the timer is deactivated.
  • 1002 EXT2 COMMANDS – External start and stop command. Starts the drive when the timer is activated and stops the drive when the timer is deactivated.
  • 1102 EXT1/EXT2 SEL – Defines the source for start/stop commands and reference signals. Depending on the selection, either EXT 1 or EXT 2 is used as the source for the commands.
  • 1201 CONST SPEED SEL – Selects a constant speed when timer 1 is active.
  • 1401 RELAY OUTPUT 1 – Timer energises a relay output.
  • 1402 RELAY OUTPUT 2 – Timer energises a relay output.
  • 1403 RELAY OUTPUT 3 – Timer energises a relay output.
  • 1410 RELAY OUTPUT 4…1412 RELAY OUTPUT 6 – If OREL-01 Relay Output Extension Module is installed, relay outputs 4…6 can be used respectively.
  • 4027 PID 1 PARAM SET – Timer selects between two Process PID sets.
  • 4228 ACTIVATE – Timer activates EXT PID.
  • 8126 TIMED AUTOCHANGE – Timer enables the autochange in PFA operation.