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Schneider Variable Speed Drives

The ATV212 HVAC variable speed drive from Schneider Electric is now available to buy online from Quantum Controls - the UK's certified Drives Service Partner for Schneider Electric.

Suitable for use with 3-phase asynchronous motors from 0.75kW to 75kW, this range of Schneider drives is specifically intended for the most commonly encountered fluid management applications in tertiary sector buildings; heating, ventilation, air conditioning and pumping.

Due to its eco-energy based design, energy savings of up to 70% can be achieved compared to traditional control systems.

  • Free delivery on all online orders within the UK and Europe
  • 18-month manufacturer’s warranty on all drives
  • Assistance with product specification for your end application
  • Supply, installation, commissioning and after sales service/maintenance available
  • 24/7 technical support, 365 days per year from Quantum’s certified drive engineers


Head over to our dedicated Schneider website to get the best prices.