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Borri UPS - B9600

True On-line Double Conversion

The B9600 is one of the most efficient uninterruptible power supplies available on the UPS market. The innovation and design of the B9600 has resulted in it being the most technologically advanced UPS in its class. It delivers an incredible combination of low input current distortion and unity power factor. The benefits of these advances make the B9600 a hugely desirable UPS for any company requiring high power efficiency.

The B9600 is designed with an IGBT rectifier and an advanced PFC (Power Factor Control) keeping harmonic distortion at less than 3%. The On-Line Double Conversion Technology isolates output power from all the input anomalies, providing a clean output. The parallel control system tightly manages both active and reactive type loads, allowing for intelligent load/current sharing between each individual phase.

To offset unavoidable battery decay, the B9600 incorporates a battery management system that is calibrated in accordance with most battery manufacturers’ specifications. The B9600 is suitable for almost any type of load accepting a power factor of either 0.9 leading or 0.9 lagging (many other manufacturers standard is 0.8pf).

Standard & Industrial Applications

The B9600 is ideal for both industrial requirements and also large commercial projects. This durable UPS provides high efficient figures in the harshest environments, with the statistics becoming even more impressive in excellent power conditions. In terms of industrial use, the B9600 can be the ideal solution for any manufacturing needs. It has been designed to cope in the harshest environments, which is perfect for companies who use production line machinery, as it offers the ideal backup allowing a controlled shutdown on the machinery. This then stops expensive and invaluable machines becoming damaged due to power failure. The B9600 can also offer excellent protection for companies who use Petro chemicals.

Parallel or N+1

In normal mode the B9600 is a true double conversion UPS, alternatively it can be configured and programmed to run as a frequency converter or in green mode as a line interactive system which further reduces energy costs. When running a parallel system, it allows for the batteries or a UPS to be removed without disturbance to the load (known as hot-swap). The main strength of this is that the backup system can remain online without interruption. Up to three machines can be connected in this way making the B9600 a flexible and versatile solution.

IGBT Rectifier

The IGBT (Isolated Gate Bipolar Transistors) rectifier allows the Borri machine to have an almost negligible effect on the mains supply, providing less than 3% harmonic distortion. The main benefit of this is that the generator can be downsized by as much as 50%. This may help the user fall outside the financial penalty band that the EEC countries are currently considering. The B9600 series IGBT rectifier is the perfect solution for medium to large needs, providing a massive cost saving due to increased efficiency.


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The use of DSP, IGBT and tricore technology ensures that the B9600 offers AC/AC efficiency of 95%. This is typically around 10% to 15% better than the conventional UPS and provides savings of 2.8kW per hour on an 80kVA installation. The B9600 runs so efficiently it generates less heat allowing for the air conditioning system to run at a slower rate. This allows for additional energy savings to be made which is another big plus for the B9600.

3 Year Warranty

Borri offer a groundbreaking solution for 3 Phase uninterruptible power supplies. The B9600 offers a 3 year manufacturers warranty, giving the customer piece of mind when buying a 3 Phase machine from Borri. To the best of our knowledge no other UPS companies offer such a lengthy warranty. A 3 Year warranty has its obvious advantages. Maintenance costs are dramatically reduced, as any malfunctions are corrected by Borri the manufacturer of the UPS. With some unreliable UPS, maintenance costs can often spiral out of control costing the customer tens of thousands. Borri are able to offer this amazing warranty due to the superior reliability of their machines.

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