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Borri UPS - Rotation +

True Online Double Conversion UPS

The Rotation+ is the ideal power protection solution for Server, Network, EPOS, Industrial, CCTV, Telecommunications and Medical Equipment. Offering comprehensive functionality the Rotation+ Series can be adapted for almost any application, as the UPS includes free standing or rack installation.

The comms slots allow for network cards (such as the AS400) to be installed, which allows for greater communication and monitoring between the user and their UPS. Online double conversion is hugely beneficial as the supply is restructured, providing a clean output stopping any power irregularities from reaching the machinery or connected hardware.

The performance of the rotation series can be customized to suit your needs. Of particular interest is the ability to shutdown nominated output sockets under mains fail conditions, this feature allows the client to decide which load can be shed in order that more critical equipment can run longer. The Rotation+ is designed to allow the user to hot-swap batteries, which is hugely beneficial as the load isn’t interrupted when new batteries are installed.

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