What is a Transformer (TX)?

A transformer can transfer electrical voltage from one voltage to another. It is an electrical device that transfers electric energy by electromagnetic induction. It is generally used in industry for converting a high voltage, primary supply, typically 33KV / 11KV to a secondary low voltage supply at 415V.

Transformers are also widely used as single and three-phase power supply units in power generation plants, substations, distribution systems, and step-down regulators in industrial equipment.

In general, a TX is used to convert voltage, it keeps the same KVA power in / out rating but amps will vary depending of course on voltage. A standard TX will also keep the same frequency output as input, so a general TX unit is not a frequency converter also, this is something completely different.

Some TX units can be multi tapped allowing for various voltage outputs, they can also have neutral connection points and be used as isolation transformers when the application requires.

When is a Transformer Required?

When you need to change voltages, this can be to either step up, or step down the voltage. Often used to take high voltage to much safer, lower voltages.

Which Type of Transformer is Used in Industry?

There are several different types but the most common is the grid mains TX units rated to 11KV/415V, oil filled and DYN11 type connections.

Can Transformers work with DC?

Yes, but they must be specifically rated for DC operation and tend to be more for smaller power supplies, rather than large AC loads.

Our Transformers

We can offer a variety of TX units, with ratings up to 3MVA and voltages from 110V to 33Kv inclusive (3 phase and neutral). As standard, these are oil filled, outdoor rated and to various vector group options to suit your application.  If you’d like a free guide about our temporary power, distribution and control click here, or to enquire about hiring a transformer contact [email protected]

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