Do Motors and Drives bought this year still benefit from the governments enhanced capital allowance scheme?

Have you heard of the government backed scheme which lets you replace your old inefficient drives & motors with new environmentally friendly models and be able to claim 100% back in capital allowance?

The ACA rate has been decreasing steadily to now, this year 1.4.2020, it will be abolished. If equipment is ordered, bought and in use before this date it is eligible for this government backed scheme. If it is just ordered and paid for, it isn’t.

To mitigate the losses on companies who were successfully using the system the Government increased its Annual Investment Allowance from 200k to £1m from 1.1.2019 for two years to help soften the blow.

This means that you can still get relief on qualifying expenditure up until the end of this year up to £1m investment spend. You will get to offset the Amount against profit in your tax calculation so therefore, will save an amount equal to your current corporation tax rate in the financial year of the spend.

You can claim 100% first year capital allowance on any products that are on the ETL (Energy Technology Product List). However, this scheme ends in April so get in touch with us at today to take advantage of this government funded scheme. We have a huge stock of all drives & motors, meaning we can get them delivered and invoiced before the cut off so you can claim.

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Why Quantum Controls?

Quantum Controls are the UK’s leading supplier of Variable Speed Drives & Support Services, and the UK’s largest ABB Motors Authorized Value Provider. During 2018 we formed new Service Partnerships with all major Drive Suppliers in the UK and are the Official Drives Service Partner for Schneider, Danfoss, Vacon, Mitsubishi and Control Techniques Nidec, and have engineers fully trained on Siemens Drives.

We’re also proud to be the winner of the prestigious Corporate Excellence ‘Drives and Motor Supplier of the Year’ award for the last four years in a row.