Our Harmonic Filter Stops Downtime and the Associated Costs

Our valued client reached out to us when they encountered challenges with their diesel generator, which powered the site and experienced disruptions whenever the main VSD unit was in operation. Based in the North of England, our client specialises in producing animal bedding and was unfortunately facing lost production and increased costs due to these issues.

Understanding the urgency of the situation, our dedicated team of engineers diligently investigated the matter. It was discovered that the harmonics, primarily generated by the on-site VSDs, were likely responsible for the generator failures. Harmonics, in this case, were distorting the 3-phase sine wave form, leading to equipment failures and tripping.

To address this concern, we conducted a comprehensive G5/5 harmonic survey to determine the THDI and THDV levels. Subsequently, we recommended the temporary use of one of our efficient 150A active harmonic filters (AHF) on a hire basis. What makes our AHF unique is its sensor-less control option, eliminating the need for external Current Transformers (CT) and simplifying the installation process, making it more cost-effective.

The AHF was strategically placed on the mains incoming supply, effectively rectifying the generated harmonics and reducing both THDI and THDV levels. During the two-week trial period, the hire unit successfully eliminated all previous disruptions caused by harmonics, ensuring the system operated seamlessly. Impressed with the positive results, our client decided to purchase the AHF unit, which continues to operate efficiently on their site.

Not only did our hire unit eliminate downtime, but it also played a crucial role in preventing heat losses within the mains cables and the generator. We take pride in providing effective solutions that not only address immediate issues but also contribute to the long-term efficiency of our clients’ operations.


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