How can I Preserve the life of my UPS Battery?

All lead acid batteries, wet or gel, are prone to natural decay. This is caused by metals and acid sharing the same plastic container. Natural degrading is typically about 5% per annum, depending on the type and brand of battery used. It is because of this degradation that you need to check the battery in your UPS to be sure that you will get your required and expected runtime during a mains failure. If the batteries are not in a great condition then the autonomy time will be dramatically reduced and therefore a planned, safe shutdown will not be achieved. Although regular maintenance and ideal environmental conditions can extend the working life of UPS batteries, they will all eventually need replacing.

The life of Batteries is also affected by their environmental and operating temperature. To help combat the degradation of these Batteries Borri’s three-phase uninterruptible power supplies are fitted with temperature-compensated chargers. Even with this advanced charger technology your batteries would still need to be checked and tested at least once a year and fully load-tested every two years.

If you have any doubts about the condition of your Uninterruptible Power Supply or Stand-by Lighting system, Quantum can offer a comprehensive check-up, service and UPS Battery replacement service for all leading UPS brands, including AEC, Riello, MGE, APC, Eaton, Powerware, Chloride, Gamatronic, New Wave, and any other make or model.

Our nationwide service is available 24/7 and includes licensed disposal of all waste. If you would like to take advantage of our quality check service for your UPS, simply call 0330 9000 247, re[ply to this e mail of click link below to book your desired dates for our engineers to attend site, free to all Quantum VIP Inner Circle Members

We provide a battery testing service to keep your battery installation at optimum condition. If detected quickly, a relatively simple single block replacement or adjustment of charging characteristics can prevent the need for a costly battery set replacement.

If you only use a multimeter to check the condition of a battery then you should expect the result to be inaccurate because a bad battery may also show a good voltage. This means the battery might fail under a load test! In order to thoroughly test the battery condition, you need to apply a load to the battery. There are 3 main tests used to fully assess the condition and performance of your batteries. We are able to undertake load-bank, discharge and impedance testing which enables us to see the true performance of your batteries in their current state.

A written report is issued highlighting any areas of concern together with any recommendations:

•Real load discharge test

•Load bank test

•Impedance test

With these tests you will know that the battery is in a good working condition.

At Quantum we are able to incorporate any of these tests within any of our maintenance contracts or even as one-off visits call 0330 9000 247 to book an on-site battery status survey

If you have any other queries on UPS batteries or would like to speak to a member of the team, please get in touch. Email or telephone  0330 9000 247           


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