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How far is the sun from the earth?

It’s a question that intrigued early astronomers. Nobody could get the calculations right but in the 18th century it was realised that Venus passes directly between the sun and the earth every few years. If several observations of the transit where made from different continents simple trigonometry could be used to calculate the exact distance from the sun.

The next transits would be in 1761 and 1769. In 1761 scientists observed Venus from Siberia, North America, Madagascar and South Africa but their findings where non-conclusive.

As 1769 approached the Royal Society decided to send the eminent astronomer Charles Green to Tahiti, money or effort would not be spared. Supplied with the best equipment money could buy the expedition was placed under the command of a certain Captain James Cook.

The expedition left England in 1768, observed Venus in transit from Tahiti in 1769, logged the data and then visited Australia and New Zealand returning home in 1771.

The data told the World that the Sun was exactly 92.96 million miles from the Earth.

The 3-year voyage delivered new science and discovery for which Britain claimed the knowledge. Just imagine the cost and commitment that expedition took, only a third of Seamen and Scientists that set off returned, scurvy killing most of them.

The power of humans to find new technologies and answers to questions has been supercharged in the last 500 years, prior to that answers are sought through religion. Technical advancements were for warfare, but the humble sword was the weapon of choice for 2000 years.

Today engineers are blessed with major technical advancements in process equipment delivering faster, more efficient, more reliable less, less labour-intensive manufacturing capabilities.

A Roman soldier from 50 AD if transported in time to 14th century could still fight in those armies. Technology and weaponry were pretty much the same. But take a soldier from the turn of the 18th century and put him into 2018, they would think they had gone mad. The world today is unreconciled with just that sort time.

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