“A great service, Quantum did something our previous Drive Suppliers couldn’t.”

-Richard Friend, Anglian Water

Quantum Controls were contacted by a one of our Water Framework customers to help them with an issue that had been going on for over a year, after they had been passed from pillar to pillar.

They had replaced some old ACS600 drives with new ACQ580s, using another ‘drive’ company to supply, install and commission them. The other company couldn’t get the drives to work on the Device net System due to the complexity of commissioning the drive to fully integrate into their existing process.

With pressure building to get the pump station back online the client contacted the drives Manufacturer direct for support, but after a few pointers over the phone they still couldn’t get them running correctly. This was now over 12 months since the issue was first raised and 12 months that they could still only be ran in hand in an emergency.

At this point they were visited by a Quantum Technical Sales Engineer who had an initial look and decided that one of our Service Engineers would be able to help fix the problem. The Quantum Sales Engineer took notes and passed on all the information to our Service Engineer.

Our Service Engineer arrived on site and it became apparent that the old drives had been set up using a mix of OVDA and ABB instances for the inputs and outputs, something that the new range of drives cannot facilitate. Our engineer re-commissioned the drives to work as they should and made the changes in the PLC that also needed to be made to allow the drive to run correctly.

Job done and one very happy customer.

Because of the exceptional service by our Service Engineer, we received an enquiry from another site of the Water Utility company. They heard about the success we had commissioning their drive and they needed the exact same problem fixed. Again, it had been installed by another ‘drive’ company who not only hadn’t commissioned the drive correctly, but they hadn’t even wired in the Device net cabling to the drive.

We got involved with the job 14 months after initial installation and our Service Engineer had the drive fully commissioned within 1 day.

After this visit we were asked by one of the Senior ICA Technicians to deliver a full training day on the setup of communications systems with Variable Speed Drives and how to read the raw data to and from their network and integrate to existing drive assets.

We delivered this training just recently and all the engineers gave great feedback on the course and are looking forward to being able to apply their knowledge in situ.

Quantum controls are the UK’s Drive and Motor Supplier of the Year’ winners for the last 3 years running, we offer 24/7 Engineer Support and Training Courses throughout the UK, so whether you need a drive commissioned, re-commissioned, training on any drive topics or anything else then get in touch with us on 0330 9000 247 or sales@quantum-controls.co.uk