Category: Harmonics

What happens when the problem goes beyond the drive application?

Last month we had a callout to a utility customer who had an ABB low harmonic 315kw VSD¬†fail on short circuit failure, this was in the early hours of a Sunday morning and the failure¬†was beyond an onsite repair due to the extent of the damage. So we were on site and installing a hire …

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Why you must use Variable Speed Drives in pumping applications!

Did you know 90% of the total cost of owning a pump comes from energy consumption? Pumping applications represent a significant opportunity for applying variable speed drives (VSDs) in new, as well as retrofit installations. The majority of pumping applications need to be controlled. It is unlikely that a pump will run continuously at a maximum …

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How do you diagnose a potential harmonics related problem?

4 steps to diagnose a potential harmonics related problem // If a plant engineer suspects that he might have a harmonics related problem, the following steps can easily be performed as an initial investigation into potential problems: Step 1 Look for symptoms of harmonics as listed in Table 1 below. If one or more of …

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