Your Seven Essential steps to

‘Guaranteed’ Energy reduction

on your Motor Driven Systems

Electric motor driven systems comprise a massive 40% of the world's total electricity consumption, and 65% here in the UK. But many businesses are unaware of the technologies available to them which have the potential to significantly reduce their energy costs, and in turn the global and UK demand for electricity by a staggering 20% - 30%. Quantum Controls have won 3 national Awards for delivery energy savings to UK Industry by focusing on developing a systems that Guarantee’s the saving that will be achieved before you the client spends a penny.

How To Reduce Your Company Energy Cost

Read our 7 essential steps to reduce energy, improve performance and ultimately save money.

  1. Quantum Qualified Engineers (not salespeople) will attend site and identify potential applications with you to identify where saving could be achieved with the installation of Variable Speed Drives and or high efficiency motors
  2. A full and comprehensive report will then be created and issued to you, this report will show clearly applications that have energy saving potential, pay periods, equipment specification along with equipment and installation costs
  3. Once a specific application is identified and agreed upon Quantum then install non-intrusive energy logging equipment for 7 days to get a picture of exactly what that application is currently costing to run over a 7 day production cycle
  4. After the 7 days Quantum will then provide temporary hire Variable Speed Drives, and Motors if required. Quantum Supply, Install and commission this temporary equipment
  5. Energy Data loggers are fitted for a further 7 days to monitor the energy used through the driven systems with new Drives, and motors if relevant, installed
  6. After the second seven day logging, both sets of logged data are then assessed and full comprehensive report with tables and graphs showing energy usage of existing systems and new temporary system to the £1! The report details on going running costs for both systems, payback period of new equipment and annual savings that can be achieved
  7. You client at stage now have a full report details the facts, not fiction or assumptions as many of our competitors offer. Once you have these facts you can then make a considered decision as the investment you would like to make safe in the knowledge of the savings your investment will deliver. ‘Guaranteed’

Quantum have won three awards for this program, and have delivered £millions of savings over recent year to UK Industry. Don’t delay our engineers are very busy, click below and send us your enquiry and we will be in touch by return. Remember we GUARANTEE the saving we present, so you have no risk what so ever when working with Quantum Controls

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