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Immediate drive repairs

Drive Repair All equipment requires maintenance or repair at some point. Whether dealing with an unexpected breakdown or replacing wear parts at a scheduled maintenance interval, Quantum DriveCare provides all levels of repair for VSD equipment - from minor repair to full overhaul. Depending on the nature of repair and the size of your equipment, we offer onsite repair and workshop repair services.

What is it?

Quantum DriveCare offers fast, reliable on-site repair services at your facility. This enables you to minimise downtime by getting your out-of-service equipment up and running as quickly as possible.

How it works

A qualified Quantum service engineer brings a fully equipped service vehicle with the right tools and original spare parts to your facility. The service engineer assesses the situation and repairs equipment on-site. If required, your equipment may be brought to one of our service centres for workshop repair.

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Why it makes sense

Conducting on-site repairs at your facility provides a timely, cost-effective way to resolve problems associated with unexpected failures. Plus all repairs are backed by a solid Quantum warranty.

Why Quantum DriveCare?

When you work with Quantum DriveCare Services, you get secure, optimal operations that only come with broad engineering expertise.

  • Minimise downtime
  • Timely, cost-effective repair on-site
  • Meets ISO 9000, 18001 and 14001 requirements
  • Genuine parts

Case Study

CHALLENGE: Emergency situation with Water Treatment Station where the risk of overflow was increasingly likely.

SOLUTION: Quantum service personnel arrived in a fully equipped service vehicle and identified a defective piece of equipment. They removed the drive from the mcc, replaced damaged parts and the capacitors and re-installed and commissioned the drive, thereby eliminating the risk of overflow.

PRICE: Fees for on-site repair are based on an hourly rate or on a fixed price, depending on your needs. If you prefer to keep your maintenance costs down, please take a look at our maintenance contracts service.